Blocks Wireframing Kit for Sketch by Chico

Blocks Wireframing Kit for Sketch

A mid fidelity web wireframing kit for Sketch that is as easy as copy & paste.


Create beautiful & professional mid fidelity wireframes in a matter of minutes. This kit takes advantage of Sketch symbols to make the wireframing process as easy as drag & dropping the layout you want.

What's included?

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Blocks - Drag & Drop Wireframing
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A project by Mackenzie Child.


What do I get with this kit?

This kit contains 4 pre-made page layouts, 212 layout blocks & 362 components. It's 100% vector based and works with Sketch 44+.

What's the refund policy?

Because the Blocks Wireframe Kit is a digital product, purchases are non-refundable.

Does Blocks use a grid system?

Yes! Blocks is based on the Bootstrap 12 column grid system so you can easily work with Bootstrap as you convert your wireframes to higher fidelity.

Why Blocks?

The Blocks Wireframe Kit takes the pain out of wireframing. You no longer need to recreate elements over and over again, instead you simply just drag & drop blocks that make up various layouts.